What’s in a name?

Mine speaks volumes.

Cailin is Irish for girl. That’s straightforward enough, though perhaps a bit uninspired as a name for a female child. I always felt like the meaning of my name was terribly plain and uninteresting. Until a few years ago, when an acquaintance who grew up in Ireland taught me a bit about the Irish language.

See, cailin does in fact translate to girl. But grammatically, the word itself is masculine. That contradiction is such a fitting encapsulation of who I am – simultaneously feminine and masculine, introverted but outspoken, content yet always looking to the horizon.

I’m a wife, a mother, a journalist, a dreamer, a reader, and an unapologetic progressive. I’m also a child of the times, striving to move beyond the shallow connections and keyboard activism of the internet era and into more genuine, more significant personal, professional, and political engagement with my world.

And this is my story.

Part reading journal. Part travelogue. Part confessional.

Entirely authentic.